How much can I pay into BRASS?

You can pay as little as £2 a week or £10 a month. Ask your employer​ if you want to know the maximum amount you can pay in.  Network Rail members: please see your BRASS guide for details.

The most you can contribute each tax year is the higher of either:

  • 15% of your gross pay, minus your normal Scheme contributions; or
  • 20% of your pensionable pay plus pensionable Restructuring Premiums if you have them, minus your normal Scheme contributions.
​ Join, change or top up your BRASS now (Network Rail members: please select the form you need for your membership type)

Want to contribute more?

You can top up your regular payments to the maximum allowed with a single amount at any time. ​Use the BRASS Payroll Deduction Form to help you work out your​ limit (Network Rail members can find Payroll Deduction Forms here).

If you go over the maximum and still want to pay more, you can apply to join AVC Extra (excludes Network Rail members).
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