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How do you feel about risk?

Be realistic about your approach to investments. If you're generally cautious, it's likely you'll want to avoid risk and vice versa.

Higher risk has a greater potential for returns (and loss), but playing it safe means you could miss better returns and a fall in your spending power in the long term.

We can't offer you financial advice but the checklists below could help you understand which level of risk you'd be most comfortable with. If you need professional advice before deciding or changing your fund choices, you can find a list of regulated advisers at

Checklist A

  • I want to protect my pension savings. I would be really worried if the value fell, even temporarily.
  •  If I had a choice between getting £1,000 or a 20% chance of £10,000, I’d take the £1,000.
  •  If the market crashed, I’d sell my shares and put the money somewhere safe​.
  •  Investing in shares is too risky.
  •  I don’t know much about financial terms.
  •  I don’t mind if my savings build slowly if it means more certainty.
Answered mostly As?

You're likely to be less adventurous in your attitude to risk.

Checklist B

  •  I’m not worried about temporary falls in the value of my pension savings if there’s a chance the returns will beat inflation in the long term.
  •  If I had a choice between getting £1,000 or a 20% chance of £10,000, I’d take the chance.
  •  If the market crashed, I’d buy lots of shares to catch the market before it moved up again.
  • I don’t worry about short-term falls in investment values.
  •  I’m clued up about financial terms.
Agreed ​with mostly Bs

You're likely to be more adventurous in your attitude to risk.