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With a lifestyle strategy, your investment switches are managed for yo​u.

Your holdings ​​are automatically moved into the funds considered most appropriate, based on the time left until you want to take your pension benefits. Find out how this works.

You can ​take your benefits at your section's Normal Retirement Age ... or you might want to ​take them earlier or later.  If this is the case, think about choosing your Target Retirement Age (TRA).

As you get nearer to your TRA, your funds will automatically start moving from 'higher growth' riskier funds, to more 'stable' lower risk funds. 

Check out the Lifestyle strategies below to see how they work - you don't have to choose one at this stage.

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Global equity lifestyle strategy


Please remember!

  • It's recommended that you get independent advice before making decisions about your financial future. You can find a list of regulated advisers in your area at
  • Investment values may go down as well as up, and past performance shouldn't be used as a benchmark for future returns.

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