AVC Extra

My fund choices

There is a range of investment fund choices available to you as a member of AVC Extra, falling into two categories – lifestyle strategies and self-select funds. The options you select will very much depend upon how hands-on you want to be in managing your investments.
You should check your fund choices regularly to make sure that they're still right for you.
If you are investing in a Lifestyle Strategy you should think about choosing your Target Retirement Age (TRA). This is the age you would like to retire, and it could be earlier or later than your Normal Retirement Age. As you get nearer to your TRA, your fund will automatically start moving from 'higher growth', riskier funds to more 'stable', lower risk funds.
Please remember you should review your TRA regularly in case your retirement plans change.

Lifestyle strategies

If you don’t feel comfortable managing your own investments, you can opt for the ‘hands-off’ approach with a Lifestyle Strategy, which will make the decisions on your behalf. Your holdings are automatically moved to the funds which are believed to be most appropriate for the amount of time you have left until retirement. As you get nearer to your target retirement age, your investments move from ‘higher growth’, riskier funds to more ‘stable’ funds which have a lower risk of losing value.

You can find the product particulars for each Lifestyle Strategy below, as well as things to consider about Lifestyle Strategies either before you choose to invest, or if you are considering changing your investments.

Self-select funds

If you want more of an active role in how your investments are managed, you can choose from the range of self-select funds drawn up by the Trustee.

You can find the fund factsheets and product particulars for each self-select fund below.

Global Equity Fund
This fund invests in global equities, including emerging market equities. The aim is to achieve a return in excess of inflation over the longer term. Equity prices are expected to experience short-term volatility in response to economic and stock market events. 

Long Term Growth Fund
This fund invests in a range of asset classes across different financial markets and economies, aiming for a return in excess of inflation over the longer term. The mix of assets will change over time according to the manager's views. This fund is expected to have lower volatility than a portfolio of equities.

Aggregate Bond Fund
This fund invests in a mix of global non-government bonds and fixed-interest UK government bonds.

Index-linked and Global Bond Fund
This fund invests in a mix of global non-government bonds and index-linked UK government bonds.

Deposit Fund
This fund is suitable for those who have a preference for a modest investment return, and is a lower financial risk investment and is designed to provide the potential for some capital security. The fund invests in a wide range of short-term instruments, not simply deposit accounts.

Where to go for advice

It’s important to remember that past fund and benchmark performance cannot be relied upon as a guide to future performance. The value of your investment may go down as well as up, and you may not get back the amount you have invested.

If you need advice, you should speak to an independent financial adviser. A list of advisers in your area can be found at www.unbiased.co.uk.
Please note: On-going charges are paid for by levying a charge against each individual member's AVC Extra account. Information about these, as well as associated risk levels for each fund, can be found on the factsheets above.