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The good news is that you’re never too old or young to start thinking about your retirement planning.

The even better news is that being a member of the RPS comes with a lot of benefits to help you do just that:

• You’ll get a pension for life and could take a lump sum, which is currently payable tax-free, when you retire

• You and your employer both pay into your pension pot

• Your pension contributions are tax-efficient - they’re taken from your gross salary before you pay income tax

• You can top up your retirement fund by making Additional Voluntary Contributions

• Your beneficiaries could get a lump-sum payment if you die in service (so it’s really important you complete a Nomination form). Completing the form only takes five minutes and the easiest way to do it is by logging into, or registering for, your myRPS account.
• Pensions could be paid to spouses, partners or children.

Every year, we’ll send you an Annual Pension Estimate (APE) which tells you the essential things you’ll want to know – like how much you might expect to receive in your retirement. To find out more about the APE, see our FAQ section.

Pension payments

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