Paying into IWDC

Are you saving enough?

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It's great that you're already saving towards your pension - but will it be enough? 

Think carefully about how much you'll need when you retire. remember, you'll have bills to pay, maybe a car to run, and you might want extra to pay for holidays, hobbies or socialising.

​Saving more with AVCs

You can boost your pension savings by paying Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs).

Like your normal contributions, these are taken from your pay before tax. You may also be able to pay AVCs through salary sacrifice if your employer offers this option.

How AVCs work

 You decide:

  • how much extra you want to contribute;
  • how you invest your contributions; and 
  • when you start and stop making contributions.

 You might like to consider AVCs if you:

  • have earnings which don’t count towards your IWDC pension, such as bonuses or overtime;
  • are thinking about taking your benefits early (if you are eligible); or
  • you simply want to save a bit more towards your future.

Important: You must start taking your AVC benefits at the same time as your normal IWDC benefits.

Please complete the form below if you'd like to start paying AVCs.

Are AVCs right for you?

It is strongly recommended that you speak to an independent financial adviser (IFA) before making any decisions about your financial future. You can find a list of IFAs in your area at