Paying into IWDC

Your nominations

Watch our short video to understand why it's so important to complete a Nomination for your pension...


By nominating, you could make life a little easier for those you care about. 
A nomination is a form you complete, either online or in paper format, to tell the Trustee who you’d like a lump sum to be paid to if you die before you claim your IWDC benefits (or within five years or taking them).  

How can I nominate online?

It’s easy – simply log in to myRPS (or register if you haven’t done so already), then select ‘My nominations’ and follow the steps. It should only take a few minutes.

Why nominate?

If you don’t nominate, the Trustee might not know who your chosen beneficiaries are. This means the payment might be delayed and cause unnecessary anxiety for those who matter to you.  

Who needs to nominate?

  • Everyone currently paying into the IWDC Section
  • Everyone with benefits in the IWDC Section that they’ve not yet taken.
Even if you’ve nominated before, you should check your choices every couple of years and submit a new form to keep your wishes up to date.

Who can I nominate?

  You can nominate: 
  • An individual or several people
  • Charities
  • Clubs or organisations

Where can I find out more about death benefits?

​Once you've registered for your myRPS account, ​you can log in to view your Key Features leaflet which tells you ​the death benefits offered by your section.

Paper forms

Nominating online is a quick and convenient way to update your wishes, but if you’d rather fill out a paper form, please phone our Helpline on 0800 012 1117 or email

The Trustee does not have to follow your wishes but will always take them into account.