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As a preserved member, you can still make changes to your investment fund choices or your Target Retirement Age.

You can also: 

  • ​claim your preserved benefits at your normal retirement age (if you're not sure when this is, check  your Member Guide or call the Helpline on 0800 2 343434;
  • claim your benefits early. However your benefits may be lower because your pension pot ​will have been invested for less time and ​has to provide benefits for longer; or
  • transfer your RPS benefits into another scheme. Speak to the Help​line or email for details.
Remember to quote your pension reference number when contacting RPMI. This can be found by signing in to your Membership Details page.

Lots more information is available in our guide to retirement options for DC members.

You must claim your preserved benefits on, or before, your normal retirement age (NRA). Any benefits not claimed within six ​years of NRA will only be paid with the Trustee's agreement (in line with Scheme Rules).
You might like to get independent financial advice before making decisions about claiming or transferring your benefits.

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