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Target Retirement Age

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If you are invested in a Lifestyle strategy, you should think about ​your Target Retirement Age (TRA). This could be earlier or later than when you can normally take your pension.

A Lifestyle strategy automatically moves your contributions into investment funds which are thought best for your circumstances.

It aims to protect your Personal Retirement ​Account from sudden swings in the markets, by gradually switching your investments from higher growth to more stable funds. This process starts ten years before your TRA.

Th​at is why you must let RPMI know what your ​TRA is (or if you have changed your mind about it), otherwise you may be invested in funds that don’t suit your circumstances.

Read about the funds on offer in our Invest in your future section.

Not sure?

If you’re not sure about your retirement plans or investment choices, you can find a list of independent financial advisers in your area at


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