No longer paying into a final salary pension

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If you’ve left the ​Scheme, you can rest easy knowing that your benefits will be preserved until you’re ready to claim them.

You can:

  • claim your preserved benefits when you reach your normal retirement age (see what this is in your Member Guide in myRPS or call the Helpline on 0800 2 343434);
  • claim your benefits early. However, this is at the Trustee’s discretion and the earlier you take them, the​ more they will be reduced as they are being paid for longer;
  • postpone taking your benefits when you reach normal retirement age. Late retirement factors will be used to calculate how much extra will be added to your benefits when you decide to take them (up to a maximum age of 75); and 

When contacting RPMI, please quote your pension reference number. This can be found ​in Membership details when you sign in or register for myRPS.
It is strongly advised that you get independent financial advice before ​deciding to claim or transfer your benefits.

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