Planning for retirement

Applying for my RPS pension

Applying for your pension

Are you ready to start claiming your RPS benefits?

If your retirement years are beckoning, you can apply to start claiming your pension.

Before you do, you might want to get independent financial advice. The Trustee, RPMI and your employer are not authorised to offer advice and information provided by RPMI should not be relied on as advice about your individual circumstances.

You can visit for a list of independent financial advisers in your area.

How to claim your benefits

Once you’re ready to apply for your RPS benefits, here’s what to do:

1. Ask for an up-to-date estimate of your benefits from the Helpline by calling 0800 012 1117 or emailing This will also explain your different options. RPMI will write to tell you if your benefits meet the minimum requirements and can be paid. 

When contacting RPMI, please quote your pension reference number - you can find this on the 'Membership details' page, under the 'My details' section of myRPS'.

2. Please also ring or email the Helpline using the details above for more information regarding an ‘Application for Benefits (PM65)' form, or an ‘Application for preserved benefits (PM75)’ form if you’ve left the Scheme.

If you're a member of the Network Rail Section, please ring or email the Helpline using the details above for further information on a 'Network Rail Application for Benefits (PM65d)' form, or an ‘Application for payment of preserved benefits - Network Rail (PM78)' form if you’ve left the Section. 

If you’re a member of AVC Extra, you will need to apply for these benefits separately. Please contact our Helpline for further information. 

3. Once your application form is processed, you’ll be sent a statement showing the benefits you’ll receive and when you’ll receive the first payment and your lump sum. If you send your form more than one month before your retirement date, you’ll instead get a letter explaining that more details will be sent to you closer to your retirement date.

4. When you reach your retirement date, you’ll receive your pension. Your payments will be made every four weeks for the rest of your life.

All that remains is to enjoy your retirement as fully as you can.

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