Guidance and advice

Getting ready to retire should be an exciting time, so don't be daunted. There are plenty of organisations that can help you understand your choices and the retirement process.

Think carefully about your options, do your research and ​consider seeking guidance to make sure your retirement is the best it can be.

Your options when you retire

It's important you understand the different options available to you when you're ready to claim your RPS pension and benefits, and can choose the best ones for your ​needs.

If you're unsure, an Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) will be able to look at your personal circumstances and help you decide.

Members with defined contribution savings (those who are in the IWDC Section or have savings in BRASS or AVC Extra) can also get free ​guidance on their options from Pension Wise.

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Budgeting and planning

Retirement can mean a big change to your lifestyle and finances so you need to plan ahead and know what to expect.
You can get advice on how to manage your money and avoid problems, the choices available to you, and how a change in your circumstances, such as births, death or divorce, could affect your pension. 
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Tax issues

If you're unsure how your pension benefits will be taxed once you receive them, you can find clear, jargon-free information on the website.
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Your State Pension

You can receive State Pension once you reach State Pension age, but the age varies depending on when you were born.
You'll find a calculator to help you work out your State Pension age and how much State Pension you might get on the website.
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