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18 November 2015

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Review your fund choices

Fund factsheets for Quarter 3 of 2015 are now available for members who invest in the Industry-Wide Defined Contribution (IWDC) Section or the BRASS Additional Voluntary Contribution arrangement .

It’s important to regularly review your investment choices, to make sure they’re still suitable for you.
The IWDC and BRASS factsheets tell you more about each of the funds available to you, including their objectives, charges, risk rating and their performance in recent years.
You can use these, together with the new product particulars for each fund, to help you decide where you’d like your IWDC or BRASS funds to be invested.
You’ll also find a new guide which explains what the funds’ risk ratings mean, and IWDC members can use the IWDC Investment Guide to learn more about investments, fund choices and different attitudes to risk.
Please remember to let RPMI know if you decide to change your Target Retirement Age and you are invested in a Lifestyle strategy so your funds can be invested according to your circumstances.
The information in the factsheets and product particulars has been provided to help you understand more about the funds, but should not be interpreted as a recommendation that it is suitable for you based upon your personal circumstances.  Neither the Trustee, nor RPMI, can give you financial advice on fund choices.
You should consider taking independent financial advice before making any investment choices or decisions.



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