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01 April 2016

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Changes to early retirement factors

If you retire early, your Scheme pension benefits will be reduced accordingly. Check your section's early retirement factors today.

A number of factors are used to calculate the benefits paid by the Railways Pension Scheme. The​y are all reviewed regularly to make sure they offer fair value to members and stakeholders.

New factors are now in force for ​some RPS sections – including changes to ​cost neutral early retirement factors (CNERFs) which may affect you if you’re planning early retirement.

The ​CNERF is used to calculate how much pension you will get, by working out ​the amount of time between taking your benefits early and your normal ​pension age.

Log in myRPS to check your section’s CNERF in the Library section.
If you have any queries about the changes, email or contact the Helpline on 0800 2 343434.



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