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08 July 2016

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Keep it simple

Pensions can seem baffling at times, but we’re here to help you beat the jargon and understand your Scheme membership.

Terms like contracting out, trivial commutation, encashment, annuity and drawdown don’t exactly trip off the tongue. And then there are all the abbreviations: PIP, AVC, APE, TRA, GMP, NRA… the list goes on!
We understand how frustrating and confusing it can be! You want to know how your pension works, what the benefits are, and what it’s worth. And you don’t want to dig out the dictionary to do it!
But don’t worry, you can find the help you need right here. Check out our glossary for a simple explanation of any unusual words and terms, or look in the FAQ section if you have any questions.
You’ll also find a handy list of Read as you Need’ guides in the Resources section. These help explain different pension topics and give you more information about your options.
And if you still have any questions or concerns, remember the Helpline is open 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, on 0800 2 343434.


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