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19 October 2016

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Is your future on the right track?

Check your retirement plans to make sure they’re still right for you!

If you contribute to BRASS, AVC Extra or IWDC, the contributions you pay are used to buy units in an investment fund (or funds) of your choice.
Retirement plans change over time, so you should regularly review the choices you have made to make sure the funds are still right for you.
You should also set or review your Target Retirement Age (TRA) if you’ve chosen to invest into a Lifestyle strategy, as your investments start moving from ‘higher growth’, riskier funds to more ‘stable’, lower risk funds as you get nearer to your TRA. Therefore, you may want to make sure that your TRA ties in with when you expect to take your benefits.
If you want to change your TRA at any time, simply call the Helpline on 0800 2 343434.
You can find more information in the BRASS, AVC Extra or IWDC sections.

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