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25 July 2017

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State Pension age changes

The State Pension age (SPA) is set to rise from 67 to 68 over a two-year period, starting in 2037 and ending in 2039.

The government announced its plans to increase the SPA in July. Once the change comes into law, it will mean millions of people having to wait up to a year longer than previously before they’ll be able to claim the State Pension. 
Around 60,000 RPS members – currently between the ages of 39 and 47 – would be affected by the change. The change will not affect you if you were born before 6 April 1970 or after 5 April 1978.
The announcement followed the first independent review of the SPA and is in line with the key recommendation of a report published in March 2017. The increase will now be seven years earlier than the previously-anticipated 2044 to 2046 step-up.
Changes to the State Pension age do not affect when you can take your benefits from the RPS.
You can use the online calculator at to check your State Pension age.

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