Their future is in your hands!

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A valuable cash lump sum could be paid to those you care about if you die while you're ​​paying into the Scheme.

But you need to 'nominate' to say who you would like ​the money to go to​ - family, friends or ​charities for instance.

You should complete a new nomination every year or two so that the Trustee knows ​your wishes are up to date. This will help to avoid delays to payments.

How to nominate...

You can nominate online right now! You'll need the names, addresses and dates of birth for those you want to nominate, plus a guardian's details for anyone under age 16 (and remember, you can't list yourself as a guardian). You'll then be asked what percentage of the lump sum you want each to receive. And that's it - simple!

Sign into your account (or register if you don't yet have one) and go to 'My Nominations' to get started. No stamps necessary!


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