Your 2020 retirement resolutions

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Is your retirement planning on track? As we are on the threshold of a new year, it’s a great time to take control of your finances and plan ahead for your life after work. Make 2020 your best savings year yet with our top five retirement resolutions.

Define your ideal retirement lifestyle

Have you ever thought about what you want from your life beyond employment? Take a moment to think about how you picture your life when you finish work. Will you have any significant outgoings then? How does your partner envision their retirement life? Plan ahead to define what you want from your later life, and … 

Do a health-check on your current retirement status

How much are you currently saving towards your retirement? And how much have you got in your saving pot? Kick start your retirement resolutions with an honest evaluation of your current financial situation. Get to know more about your workplace pension scheme and any options available to you. After all they are there for your benefit.

Check if you’re saving enough

You have a clear idea of the type of retirement you want, and you now know how much you are saving towards your pension. The questions is: will you be able to afford your desired lifestyle? Find the answer to this question by using our ‘Lifestyle calculator’- a simple tool that shows you if you are saving enough. Sign in to your personal account at and look under ‘Planning my future’ to access the calculator.

Consider saving more

Do you like what you see? Or does your pension need a boost in order to deliver your ideal lifestyle? As a member of the Railways Pension Scheme, you can pay into an Additional Voluntary Contribution (AVC) arrangement, such as BRASS and AVC Extra, if you’d like to top up your pension savings.

Ask for advice on how to manage your finances effectively

If in doubt, don’t be afraid to seek guidance with regards to your retirement planning. You can find independent financial advisers in your local area at

Advice and guidance


Need extra help?

Find agencies​ which offer impartial, independent support if you have a pension que​ry.